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A bit late, but Bravely Default is four years old! And hmm, wonder what they're planning.

ETA: Oh bummer, Twitter embeds still don't work on Dreamwidth. Make sure you click the link to see a cute new pic!
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Bravely Second: End Layer is due out next year! Europe will have a collector's edition available as well.
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Description: Press Start is an annual multimedia exchange for all video and computer games ranging from visual novels to your big PC and console titles, open to fic, art and vids! All kinds of fanworks are accepted, so long as they relate to a video game in some form.

So far, we don't have any Bravely Default/Bravely Second characters nominated, but they are definitely eligible!  If you're interested, check us out!

Link: DW Community
AO3 community

Nominations: 20 June - 1 July
Tagset Cleanup: 1 July - 3 July
Signups: 4 - 18 July
Assignments go out: About 20 July
No Penalty Default: 1 September
Posting deadline: 11 September
Story reveal: 18 September
Author reveal: 25 September
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Poked around and found [personal profile] bravelykink and [community profile] bravelydressing. Not sure how active they are, but hey, kink meme! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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There's a Final Fantasy Kiss Battle over on ff-exchange which includes some Bravely Default prompts here.
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Let's kick things off with the trailer shown just a couple of weeks ago! Bravely Second: End Layer will be hitting Japan on April 23th.

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